Fulbright Brainstorms

The Fulbright Brainstorms are biennial conferences organized with the goal of bringing contemporary issues to academic, scientific and public discussion, under the prestigious Fulbright aegis. These conferences, fully funded by public and private sponsors, are also part of the Commission and the sponsors’ social responsibility commitment. In past editions, topics covered were: 2010: Meeting Global Challenges through Education and Citizenship; 2007: Pandemics, Vaccines and New Paradigms in Public Health; 2006: Governance in Biomedical Research; 2004: New Trends in Higher Education; 2003: Bioethics; 2002: Elections and Democracy.

Fulbright Brainstorms 2010

No cinquentenário do Programa Fulbright em Portugal, a conferência que assinala a importância do Programa no panorama...

Fulbright Brainstorms 2012

Em 2012, a Conferência Fulbright Brainstorms será organizada em conjunto com a Embaixada Americana e o Programa...

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